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    We are Legal Loan Johor, one of the top licensed money lender.We provide instant cash loans for people with cash flow problems or friends who need cash. Firstly, we have more than 10 years’ experience in this loan industry, especially in Johor Bahru.

    In addition, we specializes in providing business loan and personal loan. We can also consider loan application from blacklisted borrowers as well as borrowers who have incomplete documents.

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    “More than 10,000 satisfied customers use our loan service”

    Easy To Apply Requirement

    Minimal documents required for loan application

    Fast Approval Process

    24 - 48 hours approval upon receiving complete docs

    Quick Cash Distribution

    Quick cash distribution upon loan approval

    Flexible Repayment

    Flexible repayment period upon discussion

    Our Services

    Business Loan

    Business loans are loans to help businesses obtain an adequate amount of capital to fund their business or expand their business. This loan can be used for various things from paying staff to purchasing inventory. After taking this loan this debt must be repaid according to the lenders terms and conditions.

    Suitable For:
    This loan is suitable for entrepreneurs who run into a problem involving money and need quick capital to solve their issue immediately. Business loans are very easy to attain and can be utilised various ways to help a business. All that needs to be done is to repay the amount due on an agreed scheduled time.

    Documents required are:
    SSM registration form
    6 months' company bank statements
    Borrower's IC copy
    Pictures of office or business operations

    Other documents (if available):
    Income tax documents for borrowers

    Personal Loan

    A personal loan is a loan taken by individuals from a non-banking or bank financial company to meet their needs. It is provided quite easily and after filling in all the required documents individuals receive their loan in a short amount of time. This loan is paid back within an agreed amount of time with interest.

    Suitable For:
    This loan is suitable for anyone requiring immediate money in order to pay something off. There are many things in life that can come suddenly with a huge bill that needs to paid. Most often the quickest way to settle this problem is to take a personal loan and slowly pay back the lender afterwards.

    Documents required are:
    3-6 months' payslip
    3-6 months' bank statement showing pay credited

    Other documents (if available):
    Latest EPF statements
    Employment letter

    Coverage Area


    Johor Bahru

    Minimum and Maximum period for repayment

    Min Period 2 Month
    Max Period 24 month
    Min Annual Percentage Rate 1.5% per annum
    Max Annual Percentage Rate up to 15% per annum on reducing interest rate

    Sample Representation of Loan with Maximum Rates:
    Total amount borrowed: RM10,000
    Time period: 24months
    Interest rate : 1.5%/month
    Annual Percentage Rate of Charge(APR) : 18%
    Total cost payable per annual (Excluding loan principle) : RM1,800
    The table above is for illustration purposes only.
    Please check with the respective personal loan providers.

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    We are Legal Loan Johor, one of the top licensed money lender.We provide instant cash loans for people with cash flow problems or friends who need cash.

    Our Services

    Business Loan

    Personal Loan

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